I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

Friday, January 29, 2010


Ok, so I'm once again up before the sun with the wild one *sigh*.  Granted, I get my Bible study done before 6am, she watches her "therapy" video before the other children are awake which does allow her to focus solely on that and not be distracted by her brothers and sister. Right now she's sitting at the table with me finishing up her hot chocolate so she can watch one of her Signing Time video's.  I on the other hand am just trying to keep my eyes open while typing...Oh well, C'la'vie

For the next couple of days I'm watching one of my girlfriends 3 boys. She pulled a muscle in her neck, I'm keeping them so she can rest and heal. When I left her yesterday she was laying on the couch with her laptop on her lap and her husband taking care of her (hmmm..I now wonder how hurt she really is...lol). Acutally, we love it when the boys stay over, Jake and Luke love having more boys to play with, the girls, well they adapt... :-)  I always thought 8 boys would be great to have, I was right, it would be. I don't know how the girls would feel about that though.. ;-)

Well, it's time to start another homeschooling day, time to go wake up the youngins' (and try to get the teenager up, that takes a little more effort on my part. hehe).


  1. Hello,
    Followed your link from Ambleside Online.
    My little girl loves Signing Time and we also like the Waltons. I like the picture of all the little feet;-)

  2. hi Christine,

    Isn't it nice to get up early and feel God's peace through bible study:I love it. When I have days that I haven't done it, I find my day to be chaotic. It's a good thing that your little one is content with watching something. Rousting up children...ah...

    oh,yea,I just wanted you to know that I tried to pull up your blog on conservative homeschooler, but it seems you may have left a space out. I thought you might want to fix it.

    God bless