I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So, after 15 yrs. of homeschooling on the diningroom table we have a schoolroom! I finally conceded to my dh and turned the bedroom not being used into the schoolroom. Our church had some desks they were not using for their school so our pastor let me have 4 of them. The children are excited about using them.

I have to admit that having all of this in one room and out of my dining room is nice. I can decorate my dining room (which makes dh very happy). Now I get to finish re-organizing the rest of the house. :-p  Once that's finished I hope to get the girls bunkbeds made and get them moved out of our room and into the boys room. Don't worry, boys will change in the bathroom or our room, there will still be modesty going on around here! ;-) 

Just in case you're wondering why the girls sleep in our room when there was a perfectly good room for them: Well, our youngest dd is deaf, a lot of deaf children like/need to sleep with someone. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night when you're a little one and you can't hear anything, can be kinda scary. It's a security thing. The other dd won't sleep by herself, so, they are in our room for now. We are planning on moving them in with the boys in a couple of weeks so at least our oldest dd won't be sleeping alone. Grace doesn't need me sleeping next to her all night anymore (most of the time), hopefully next will be her going to sleep w/out me. But I'm sure I'll be sleeping in the children's room quite a bit.  We are looking into possibly getting her a dog to sleep with and be trained to be a service dog for her when she gets a little older, praying about it right now.

It's funny, when our older two boys were little we were militant about not letting them sleep with us, well God sure changed that! There are nights now where the 4 that are still at home are all in our room, hahaha I think its pretty funny. Not so sure about dh though! haha ;-D

Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Ready...

So, who's getting ready for the next school year? Well, I am. Actually, I pretty much have next year planned out as far a curriculumn goes, it's just getting it all layed out and organized, that's what takes up most of my time. The older each child gets, the easier their day becomes, the younger ones still take up the bulk of my planning time. Especially my youngest, she has a language issue, so hers requires more prayer, patience and planning.

Well, time to get moving (have some serious room re-arranging to do). Turning one of the rooms into a school/playroom.