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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving, again

Well, it looks like we will probably be moving, again!:( I just pray that this time will be IT for a long, long, long time!!!
We owned our home from the beginning of our marriage until the time we sold it (to move to Canada). Since we've been back we've been in 2 different homes, I really want to move into place that will be our home for a very long time. Somewhere were I can put up my homeschool "wall," shelves, pictures, and not worry about holes in the walls. I can plant flowers, and have a garden and not worry about the homeowner.
Well, it looks like we may have found such a place. Lordwilling, we have found a house where the homeowner lives out of country, and wants someone to move into their home that will make it their own. Someone who plans on living in it for a very long time. So, if it's the Lords will, we will be moving again. If He opens the door, then we know it's His will. Just keep trusting the Lord!!:)

Other news, the girls are finally playing well together. Grace has finally gotten old enough to play with her big sister in a "big" girl kinda way. Grace's communication skills are getting better, her receptive language is pretty much caught up to her age, and her expressive language is catching up. Her main problem is that she can't always get across what she's trying to say, so either she signs it (or makes up some kind of sound effect or sign) or she throws an incrediblely loud fit! yea for everyone in the house, or within a 1 mile vicinity. :p

When Grace gets real mad (at me in particular) she pulls her coils off her head (so she can't hear) and closes her eyes (so she can't see), that way she can scream to her hearts content! This is especially fun in the car, or even better in the store. Oh well, she's getting better with much prayer, prayer, prayer, the Bible, love and discipline!:)

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