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Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's just around the corner...

Can you feel it?  it usually comes around Labor Day, around the start of school, with harvesting of apples and the ever so slight change in the weather...Yes, I'm talking about Autumn!!!YEA!!! I love this time of year! It gets me in the mood to start baking again, making soups and chili's, apple cider, hot chocolate, you get the idea. ;-) It means the holidays are getting closer, again another YEA!!!  September 23rd is the first day of autumn, we shall celebrate by doing an unit study on autumn that week and hopefully taking a field trip to a local apple orchard.

Well, #2 left on Wed. with #1 to get to WCBC...yes, I cried, in the bathroom, a few times!!:-(  I know that this is what we have them for, we raise them so they can grow up and go make a difference in this world for Jesus Christ, and they both are...but it's still bittersweet!  Remember #2 (Brett) in your prayers, he needs a job.

Time to go snuggle with the 4 still at home! ;-D

Psalm 18

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  1. Hi! Is this the same lady I was talking to on Christina's Facebook page?! I'm pretty sure I have the right lady. I saw a comment on her blog from you, so thought I'd come over and be a blog buddy. I totally identified with this post! I try to do my crying in private when my boys leave, but when we left them at WCBC last Wed. night I cried - just couldn't help it!

    Glad to have found your blog!