I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Simple Life

As I was reading from Little House in the Big Woods to my children tonight I once again was overcome with the need to have a more simple life. Let me restate that, I need to have less stuff in my life and in my home! I have gotten rid of a lot of "stuff" but there is always more "stuff" we can get rid of. Sometimes I wish for the days when all a family had was one good church outfit and one good daily outfit, you had exactly what you needed to wash, cook and clean with. That is how big families where able to live in small homes and not have them be a mess with clutter. I know, I lived in a 29 ft. trailer for over a year while travelling the states raising support for the mission field. During that time we went from 3 children to 5 with the the 6th one on the way when we left for the field. I did it then, I most definitely can do it now, we are down to 4 children (sniff, sniff), it's time for some serious re-orginizing and getting rid of some items (big & small) that we can live without. I would like to get my house in order before school starts up again, actually before August. I would like to leave that month for preparing for when the new school year starts up again (after Labor Day). Time to print up some encouraging verses from the Bible and hang them around my house to keep me motivated,
any good verses that are a blessing to any of my sisters in Christ would be welcome!

Phil. 4:13

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