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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The beginning of our summer break (June & July) I told #3 that if he read 1000 pgs. by the end of the summer he could get the Lego City Police Command Truck (I think that's what it's called) . I told #4 that if he read 700 pgs. he could get the Lego City Fire boat. Neither one of my younger 2 boys are "readers."  Well, #4 read all 700 pgs. in about 4 wks. #3 on the other hand, well he was taking his time. We ended up moving the last 2 weeks of our summer so I gave #3 an extra 2 weeks.

Today #4's boat arrived via post office...

I must say, that my little bit of bribery seems to have worked, they both seem much more interested in reading actual chapter books, especially #4. Whatever it takes. :-D

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  1. I started my Timmy on 100 pages for an ice cream date, and it did wonders for him. Kaitlynne not so much, I should probably change her reward to dress up, or play make up:-)